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Game Audio Denmark

Dear game audio enthusiast!

Welcome to Game Audio Denmark Our mission is to establish a national network for the game audio industry with local networks that are interconnected nationally. We are committed to being an active and visible organization that provides education, advocacy, and resources to our members. After our founding general assembly the 30th of May we are now ready to start working for our members in the game audio community and soon we are ready to launch the program of activities for the first season

Year One and Beyond:

In the first year of Game Audio Denmark, we plan to focus on building a strong community of game audio professionals and continue with the work that has already been established with our Game Audio Playthrough events. We hope our association will be a useful resource for members, providing opportunities to network, share knowledge and experience, and collaborate on projects. We will be organizing regular events and meetups, both online and offline, to facilitate these interactions and foster a sense of community. Some will be free for all and others will have a small fee for non-members. We have seen from the 20 previous events of Game Audio Playthrough in Copenhagen, that people in our industry are eager to attend audio events and socialize with each other. It’s on that foundation that we want to expand Game Audio Playthrough to bigger parts of the country, starting with Aarhus. As ourflagship event, it will be free for all.

Game Audio Denmark will also be offering a range of resources and tools to help members improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. These resources will include hands-on workshops, access to industry experts and mentors, and discounts on software and audio tools. In addition to these benefits, we have already established close connections with Game Audio in Norway, Danish Sound Cluster, Unity, Devgamm, and the newly founded Game Audio International Alliance that fosters collaboration between countries.

During our first year, we will aim to:

• Organize 7-10 Game Audio Playthrough events in Copenhagen and 2-5 events in Aarhus with more cities to follow. 

• Host 2-5 hands-on workshops on specialized game audio topics. 

• Launch a mentorship program where members can be matched with experienced game audio professionals to receive guidance and support in their career development.

• Host several webinars throughout the year, covering a range of topics in game audio where we pull on our international strings to provide sessions with leading experts in their field. 

• Launch a newsletter featuring updates on upcoming events and workshops, member spotlights, and resources and tips for professional development. Perhaps competitions and lotteries once in a while.


Looking beyond year one, we also plan to explore the possibility of creating a job board or networking platform for our members and hosting sound design challenges and crowdsourced field recording projects. If we get the budget and the required energy, we also hope to plan a 1-2 day game audio conference in the near future. Our long-term dream is to create a thriving community of game audio enthusiasts in Denmark that unites us and shows the game industry that we can lead with sound.


Our very reasonable prices are 250kr for Regular Membership 125kr for Student/Graduate Membership. You can sign up below and we’ll contact you in the near future!

We will soon release more information about membership benefits! We can promise that this will consist of hands-on workshops, webinars with industry experts, and an upcoming mentorship program.

General Member

Price: 500 DKK per year

Full member price

Can vote and be a board member

Student / Graduate Member

Price: 250 DKK per year

Discounted membership price

Can vote and be a board member


Price: 250 DKK per year

Support financially and cheering from the sideline


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